Thursday, December 1, 2016

AHRC Travel Training Program - Funded by AHRC New York City Foundation

Alex Getelman is the founder and head of Milestone Building Ventures, a project management and consulting firm located in New York City. Alongside his commitment to the construction and development industries, Alex Getelman is involved with several local charities. He particularly enjoys supporting children's hospitals, and sits on the board of directors for the AHRC New York City Foundation.

Nearly 70 years ago, a group of parents of children with disabilities banded together for support. At the time, these children were excluded from public schools and generally underserved. This group of parents grew into AHRC New York, which now offers a wide array of educational and other services for young people and adults who live with mental disabilities. 

The AHRC New York City Foundation is the organization's fundraising and grant-making arm. It funds special programs, like the recently revamped AHRC Travel Training Program. The newly expanded service gives people with disabilities the tools they need to safely use public transportation by themselves, which helps them be independent. 

In the training program, AHRC coaches accompany program participants on the bus or train most days for several months. They help participants learn to get on transit vehicles and learn their normal routes. With safety and confidence as the highest priorities, program participants eventually get to travel independently.