Thursday, February 2, 2017

Equipment Required For Kiteboarding

As the founder of the real estate development and consulting firm Milestone Building Ventures, Alex Getelman has forged business relationships with industry leaders in New York. When he isn't busy, Alex Getelman enjoys staying active by hiking, sailing, and kiteboarding.

Regarded as the world's fastest growing water sport, kiteboarding is similar to water skiing, except the participant is propelled into the air by the force of wind upon a kite, rather than being dragged by a boat. Naturally, the most important pieces of equipment required are a large kite at least four meters in length and a board similar in size, but varying in shape, to that of a wakeboard. There are three classes of kites - bow, hybrid, and C - which provide different advantages or disadvantages, depending on your skill level. Boards are also categorized into three classes: twin tip, directional surf board, and race boards.

Additional gear required that can often be overlooked includes the harness, which connects rider to kite, eye protection, sunscreen, and a travel bag. You also need to wear a wetsuit, especially when the water temperature is below 50 degrees Fahrenheit.

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